COVID-19 News

Letter to Residents, Families, clients & Advocates
1 October, 2020

Dear valued Families and Advocates,

RE: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I would like to take this opportunity to check in to see how you are and thank you for your understanding as we continue to take active measures to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our community against COVID-19.

MCT has a COVID-19 management plan in place for managing a COVID-19 outbreak if it were to occur here, these plans align with the current Directions and advice from the Tasmanian Government and learnings from outbreaks interstate and overseas.

We want to make sure you are also prepared if this terrible situation does eventuate.

Knowing what we all need to do, we can work together to get through this and – most importantly – are able to care for your loved one and support you as much as we can.
What we need you to know

  1. If we have an outbreak of COVID-19 in our facility and there is a positive resident, staff member or visitor, we will need your support and understanding.
  2. Your loved one may need to be moved to prevent infection if they are COVID-19 positive or are near someone who is.
  3. If we do need to move your family member we will do this in a way that is sensitive to their needs. We will take care of their belongings and we will move them back to their room as soon as we are able.

While caring for our residents is our number one priority, you are important members of our community too and we understand that you need to be kept informed. We understand that this is a time of heightened anxiety and you may want contact or questions answered quickly about what is happening regarding your loved one.

In order for us to support you and have a conversation about the plans we have in place and to give you an opportunity to talk to us about what you might like from us in the event of an outbreak, I would like to invite all our families and advocates to join us in a Zoom meeting on Wednesday 7 October 2020 at 6:00pm.

Please use the Zoom meeting link below to join us:

Meeting ID: 921 6351 8921
Passcode: 051193

(If you have any questions about the Zoom meeting, please contact Terrina Planincic via email or telephone 03 6345 7109)

Myself, Klaus Zimmerman MCT Board Chair, Katie Cooley General Manager Operations and Khan Richardson General Manager Corporate Services/CFO will be available at the meeting and we have also invited a representative from Advocacy Tasmania, (part of the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN)) to join us.
If you are unable to join us at this Zoom meeting and have any questions related to COVID-19 please talk to your facility manager or email me directly at

The staff at the facilities will be talking to our residents about our plans in the case of an outbreak of COVID-19, but if your loved ones have any questions before that please encourage them to ask their Facility Manager.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be ever present in our minds, rest assured we are continually monitoring interstate events very carefully and if any circumstances change in Tasmania we will do our very best to keep you immediately informed.

Look after yourself and stay safe.

Yours sincerely,
Jackie Howard
Chief Executive Officer
Masonic Care Tasmania

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