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Tribute to Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheean VC for 2021 ANZAC Day.
15 June, 2024

Pat Swain is the Niece of Ordinary Seaman Edward ‘Teddy’ Sheean VC. Pat approached Day Therapy Centre (DTC) team member Paul Tulk some weeks ago to help organise a wreath to present at the very special Anzac ceremonies at Latrobe on Anzac Day this year.

The DTC team Karyne Button, Su Bland and Paul Tulk supported Pat Swain in her goal to present a personal tribute to her late Uncle. Pat was grateful for the assistance and I am sure many will admire the bravery shown by Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheean VC.

The team at the DTC were privileged to be able to support Pat to achieve such a wonderful goal and be part of the history of the Royal Australian Navy.

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