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Update on COVID-19 outbreak (Freemasons)
21 April, 2022

 Dear Residents, Families and Advocates 

Update on COVID-19 outbreak – Freemasons Home 

I write to provide an update following the latest round of PCR testing conducted Monday and further to our meeting with Public Health yesterday afternoon. 

The most recent PCR sweep has identified only one new case of COVID-19 in Freemasons Home. The affected resident and their family have been informed and are receiving our ongoing support. If our team has not contacted you, rest assured that the impacted resident is not your loved one. 

These latest results confirm we now have very few active cases of COVID-19 within the Home with any remaining active cases being confined to Swinton. Accordingly, and following confirmation from Public Health, we are now in a position to ease restrictions across the Home excepting the Swinton area. 

This means residents are able to access communal areas, including courtyards, for exercise and we will be resuming meal service in our dining rooms. 

Whilst this is positive news, in order to mitigate further exposure, we will be continuing with the following arrangements for visitors which we will review on 27 April 2022 following our next meeting with Public Health: 

  • We will continue to welcome each resident’s nominated visitor who will be required to undertake a RAT on arrival and to wear a N95 mask and eye protection during their visit. 
  • Bookings are required for visits and daily visitor numbers to the home will be capped at 30. 
  • To make a booking please email Visiting hours remain from 10am to 6pm daily. 

This week we have welcomed both clinical and general duty staff from the Australian Defence Force. The team are providing invaluable support and care to our residents and are a bright spot in what has been a challenging period with extended restrictions 

in place. I am sure you will join us in making them feel welcome when you see them around the home. 

In closing I remind you that next week we have our new Facility Manager Alison Natera joining us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kaz Roebuck, our interim Care Manager who will be leaving us on 29 April 2022. As we move to finalise permanent recruitment for this role we will be supported by consultants from Standards Wise who I have introduced in previous correspondence. 

As always thank you for your ongoing patience and support. 

Yours sincerely 

Katie Cooley 

Chief Operations Officer 

Masonic Care Tasmania 

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