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Update on COVID-19 outbreak (Freemasons)
4 May, 2022

 Dear Valued Residents, Families and Advocates 

Update on COVID-19 outbreak – Freemasons Home 

I write to provide an update following the latest round of PCR testing and our further meeting with Public Health yesterday. 

Further to the nine residents who tested positive to COVID-19 at the weekend, we now advise that an additional three residents have tested positive as a result of PCR tests conducted throughout the facility on Monday. If you have not been contacted, rest assured your loved one has not returned a positive test. 

Residents who have tested positive are currently isolating in their rooms. Staff interacting with COVID-positive residents are wearing enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE) and are adhering to strong protocols regarding the wearing and disposing of the PPE. Other staff in the facility continue to wear N95 masks and eye shields throughout their shifts. 

We continue to welcome visitors to the home without restrictions. However, all visitors are asked to wear a N95 mask and eye protection, and will be required to undertake a RAT on arrival. Visitors and residents are strongly encouraged to maintain good hand hygiene, including regular use of the supplied hand sanitiser. If you are unwell or have any COVID-like symptoms, please defer your visit. 

Please be aware that if you are a close contact of a COVID-19 case, you are not able to enter the facility within 7 days of contact with the positive case. 

Residents, relatives, friends, and advocates are strongly encouraged to wear a mask during outings. With Mothers Day coming up this weekend, these protective actions will be especially important. 

Under the new Close Contacts Public Health Direction, Residents who are close contacts of existing cases can leave the facility providing they have no symptoms, return negative RAT and wear a fitted face mask during the outing. Public Health recommends close contacts avoid large gatherings or events where it may be difficult to socially distance. 

For further information on the changes that have been made to close contacts, please click here. 

Further testing will occur tomorrow (Thursday 5 May) and on Sunday. We will keep you informed of any outcomes from these testing arrangements. 

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and support as we continue to take steps to protect the wellbeing of our residents throughout this pandemic. 

Yours sincerely, 

Katie Cooley 

Chief Operations Officer 

Masonic Care Tasmania 

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