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Virtual Reality Creates Unforgettable Experiences
15 October, 2019

An exciting partnership with Samsung Australia and a local expert at Freemasons has resulted in
a whole range of virtual reality experiences, some specifically tailored to individual residents.

“I have spent 50 years thinking about visiting Paris. I finally made it and had the chance to experience the beautiful sights.

“I looked up at the Eiffel Tower, walked along the Seine River – what an unforgettable trip!”

Using a smartphone, goggles and Bluetooth headphones, it brings a 360-degree immersive experience to the residents. Experiences that previously may have been outside a resident’s reach. Travel, adventure, and even classical concerts and theatrical performances, can now be experienced from the comfort of their room.

For our residents living with dementia, the program provides opportunities to reminisce and communicate.
Staff work with residents’ families to choose experiences they may enjoy.


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