Keith & Joy Yost

Maintaining independence with a little help

Maintaining independence with a little help
Keith & Joy Yost

Keith and Joy Yost made the move from their retirement living unit at Peace Haven across to our residential aged care facility about 12 months ago.

They share two rooms: one room that they sleep in, and the other is a living room with small kitchen – and they have definitely made the space feel like home.

Moving became necessary as their medical needs started to become slightly more serious and they both needed access to 24-hour care.

“Not critical,” Keith points out, “just enough ongoing to need a bit more help. The outreach service was very good, but it was time for greater care.”

“Everyone’s very helpful,” Joy adds. “They’re very good. We’re lucky.”

“We like the continuity of staff at the Home,” Keith adds. “All the staff are very friendly. When we have an off day (and luckily there haven’t been too many) the staff are good. They come and tell you to stay in bed and take care of you. Check your blood pressure regularly. It’s a real plus. And bring our meals to our room.”

Family is extremely important to Keith and Joy and they look forward to regular visits from their children and grandchildren. They even threw a birthday party for Joy in their sitting room recently – with enough space and light to make it a memorable family occasion. With cake, balloons and presents off course!

In fact, they have a long family history with their location: Joy’s mother was one of the first residents to ever move into Peace Haven – and since then they always had a link and strong connection to the place, and always knew this is where they wanted to live.

Their independence is still very important to the couple and they go for their regular weekend drive, as they have done for years. Keith has his car and their car park is right outside making easy access for Joy. So every Saturday, they head to Seaport. Once upon a time they used to walk along the boardwalk by the water as they found the sea and fresh air so exhilarating. They can’t walk as much these days, so they drive it now – as close as they can to their original walk.

Lunch at the hotel always follows, where the owner knows them well and the staff are a highlight.

Keith and Joy love driving around Launceston, to the Gorge, or West Launceston and enjoy the city.

“We love Launceston. We have lived here our entire lives and it’s important to stay here. It has been a very good experience to move as we go through the different phases. We have been well looked after. Peace Haven is serving our needs very well. We are very lucky.”

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