Residents' stories

Bringing England to Deloraine

When we heard that one of our Home Care clients, Vera, couldn’t attend her daughter’s wedding in England, our first thought was: “how can we change this?”
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A Life of Adventure

Helen Brooke might be best described as an adventurer: she has lived a full and varied life, approached great change with pragmatism and practicality and always just “got on with it”.
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A beacon for the community

It’s fair to say that Kath Hamilton is – and always has been – a beacon for the Exeter community.
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Maintaining independence with a little help

Keith and Joy Yost made the move from their retirement living unit at Peace Haven across to our residential aged care facility about 12 months ago.
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Genuine care helps ease transition

When it came time for Margaret and John to make the decision to move from their Retirement Living Unit in Lindisfarne to the Freemasons Residential Aged Care Facility, there was a small amount of trepidation.
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